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Welcome to Yoshida Laboratory

We are studying natural product chemistry and bioorganic chemistry on

Blue flower coloration, synthesis of flavonoids, functions of polyphenols and so on.


New members from April 2017

Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research Vol 5

was published


Commencement of March 2017


ICP2016 Held in Vienna from 11-15th, 2016

Prof. Yoshida was awarded "GP Scientific Prize" for her anthocyanin studies.

Many thanks for participation of ICP2014


We are accepted graduate students

Please contact with Prof. Yoshida (please change # with @)

+++WHAT'S NEW ??+++

Newly published results of ouf laboratory
Original paper


Characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells using five pure anthocyanidin 3-O-glucosides possessing different chromophores.
in J. Photochem., Photobiol., A

Original paper


Synthesis of 8-aryl-3,5,7,3',4'-penta-O-methylcyanidins from the corresponding quercetin derivatives by reduction with LiAlH4.
in Tetrahedron Lett.

Original paper
Synthesis of 8-aryl-O-methylcyanidins and their usage for dye-sensitized solar cell devices.
in Int. J. Mol. Sci.

Review Blue flower color development by anthocyanins: from chemical structure to cell physiology. Nat. Prod. Rep., 2009, 26, 884-915.
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