Nagoya University Data Base


1980      Diploma, Dept. Agticulture, Nagoya University
1982      Ms degree, Graduate School of Agriculture, Nagoya University

1982〜1988   Reserach staff, Amano Enzymes Co. Ltd.
1988〜2000   Reserach associate, Sugiyama Jogakuen University
1992      PhD (Nagoya University)
1994〜1995  Visiting Research Fellow, Konstanz University, Germany
2000〜2010  Associate Professor, Nagoya University 
2010〜    Full Professor, Nagoya University

1995   JSBBA Award for Young Scientist
1998   Award from Salt-Sacience Reserach Foundation
Research Intersts
Mechanism of flower coloration of antocyanins
Synthesis of flavonoids
Structure and activity of edible plant polyphenols
Dye-sensitized solar cell device using natural dye


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